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The interactive chart below shows a historical timeline of our stock price and trading volume.  Click on the tabs below to view the different timeframes.  You may also view data on Dividend, Split, and Earning History by using the Events tab.

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UUUU Share Structure: As of May 7, 2019
Shares Issued and Outstanding   93.50 million
Options Outstanding   1.68 million
Warrants Outstanding   4.17 million
Restricted Share Units   1.58 million
Convertible Debentures   5.30 million
Fully Diluted Shares   106.23 million

All common share purchase warrants and stock options are exercisable for one common share.

Convertible Debentures 22,000 $1,000 Par Value
Effective November 3, 2013, Energy Fuels completed a 50:1 consolidation of its shares (also known as a “reverse split”).