Sustainability Report

Energy Fuels is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and practice with strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.  Energy Fuels reviews its practices on a regular basis to ensure that our standards are up-to-date and in full compliance with the industry’s evolving rules, regulations, and best practices.

The Board of Directors of Energy Fuels is responsible, directly and through its committees, for the supervision of the management of the business and affairs of the company.  The Board seeks to ensure the viability and long-term financial strength of the company, and the creation of enduring shareholder value.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
Disclosure Policy
Insider Trading Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Climate Change Policy
Human Rights Policy
Vendor Code of Conduct
Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Policy
Diversity Policy
Charter of the Governance and Nominating Committee
Charter of the Audit Committee
Charter of the Compensation Committee
Charter of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Committee
Policy for Hiring Members of Independent Auditors
Corporate Governance Manual
Parental Leave Policy
Clawback Policy
Cash Investment Policy
Management’s Limits of Authority