Energy Fuels and Uranium Mining

Energy Fuels uranium mining has made us the leading U.S. producer of uranium – the fuel for carbon- and emission-free nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is expected to see strong growth in the coming years, as nations around the world work to provide plentiful and affordable energy, while combating climate change and air pollution. 

Energy Fuels is also a major U.S. producer of vanadium and an emerging player in the commercial rare earth business where its work is helping to reestablish a fully integrated U.S. supply chain.

With a truly unique portfolio, Energy Fuels has more production capacity, licensed mines and processing facilities, and in-ground uranium resources than any other U.S. producer. It boasts diverse cashflow-generating opportunities, including vanadium production, uranium recycling and rare earth processing.

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  • #1 in U.S. Uranium and Vanadium

    In the U.S., Energy Fuels is the #1 uranium producer (2017 to 2020) and the #1 conventional producer of vanadium.

  • 3 Licensed US Uranium Facilities

    Energy Fuels holds three uranium processing facilities, including two low-cost ISR facilities and the only conventional uranium mill in the US

  • 11.5+ Million Lbs. of Capacity

    Energy Fuels has more licensed and operating uranium production capacity than any other US miner.

  • 15,000+ Tons of Monazite and Other Sources of Ore

    With its entrance into the commercial rare earth business, Energy Fuels set a goal to process 15,000+ tons of monazite and other sources of ore per year for the recovery of rare earth elements and uranium.

  • 81+ Million Lbs. of M&I Uranium Resources

    Energy Fuels holds more in-ground uranium resources than any other US producer. View our resource summary for additional information on grade and tonnage.

  • 31+ Million Lbs. of M&I Vanadium Resources

    Energy Fuels holds more in-ground vanadium resources than any other US producer, and the only conventional vanadium mill in the U.S. View our resource summary for additional information on grade and tonnage.

Conventional Uranium Production

Energy Fuels is the only conventional uranium producer in America. We take great pride in our uranium mining, as well as owning and operating a mill, and conventional mines that can produce up to 8 million pounds of uranium per year. This uranium is critical to powering the nuclear energy facilities that are America’s largest source of clean energy. We have the capability to increase production at those operations faster – and on a greater scale – than our peers as uranium prices rise in the coming years.

Large-Scale Production Scalability

Our primary goal is to become the dominant producer of U.S. uranium in the world. We became the #1 uranium producer in the U.S. in 2017. We also hold more production capacity than any other U.S. company and have the largest NI 43-101 uranium resource base in the country. These assets provide Energy Fuels with the tools we need to accomplish our goal and become a major uranium producer on a global scale.

Uranium Mine Cleanup

Energy Fuels is also seeking to participate in Environmental Protection Agency cleanups of abandoned uranium mines and other sites that contain natural uranium. We offer a variety of uranium mine, environmental and other cleanup and recycling services.

The Only Primary Vanadium Producer in North America

In 2018, Energy Fuels became the only primary vanadium producer in North America. Vanadium is mainly in steel and high-strength alloys, and can support the clean energy industry as a component in large-scale batteries for storing electricity generated from wind and solar.


Uranium Mining

Energy Fuels is a leading uranium mining company in the United States. They provide nuclear fuel for power plants in the US and around the world. Energy Fuels operates several uranium mines in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. They also have a state-of-the-art milling facility that processes the uranium ore. With their experience and expertise, Energy Fuels is a leader in the uranium mining industry.