Energy Fuels

Energy Fuels is the only company with both conventional and ISR uranium production in the U.S. and is the key supplier of U.S.-sourced uranium to major nuclear utilities worldwide.

Clean Energy. Made in America.

Nuclear energy is the real green energy.  Fueled by uranium, nuclear energy generates 33% more carbon-free and emission-free electricity in the US than all other energy sources – combined.

Low-Cost. Scalable. Clean.

Energy Fuels has the assets in place to significantly increase uranium production in response to the world’s growing demand for clean nuclear energy – which potentially equates to increasing uranium prices.

Uranium Mining


Energy Fuels’ production capacity is over 11.5 million lbs. of uranium per year, including the White Mesa Mill, the Nichols Ranch ISR Project, and the Alta Mesa ISR Project – and that’s just the beginning.


Uranium Mine Cleanup

Energy Fuels is focused on uranium production, but we also care about what is left behind. That’s why we are seeking to participate in EPA and other cleanups. We offer low-cost uranium and other environmental cleanup and recycling services.

Vanadium Investment

Vanadium is another reason to invest with Energy Fuels. Vanadium could be at the core of the modern clean energy industry – from strengthening steel, titanium and other alloys to its use in batteries used with wind and solar farms.

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Safety, health and protection of the environment are of paramount importance to Energy Fuels

Our Uranium Mining Operations

Conventional Uranium Production

Energy Fuels is the only conventional uranium producer in America. We take great pride in owning and operating facilities that produce 11.5 million pounds of uranium per year – and we have the capability to scale-up those operations as uranium prices rise in the coming years.

Large-Scale Production Scalability

Our primary goal is to become the dominant producer of U.S. uranium in the world. We expect to be the #1 uranium producer in the U.S. in 2017, we own more capacity in the U.S., and we boast the largest NI 43-101 compliant uranium resource base in the U.S. These assets provide Energy Fuels with the tools we need to accomplish our goal and become a major uranium producer on a global scale.


Uranium Mine Cleanup

Energy Fuels is more than a uranium production company. We are also seeking to participate in EPA cleanups of abandoned uranium mines and other sites that contain natural uranium. Energy Fuels offers a variety of uranium mine cleanup, environmental cleanup, and other cleanup and recycling services.


Vanadium Investment

At Energy Fuels, uranium is at our core, but we also have an eye toward the future. Vanadium may be the next big thing in the clean energy industry. It is used to strengthen steel, titanium, and other alloys, and it is a component in large-scale batteries that can be used with wind and solar energy.