Energy Fuels

Energy Fuels is the only company with both conventional and ISR uranium production in the U.S. and is the key supplier of U.S.-sourced uranium to major nuclear utilities worldwide.

Clean Energy. Made in America.

Nuclear energy is the real green energy.  Fueled by uranium, nuclear energy generates 33% more carbon-free and emission-free electricity in the US than all other energy sources – combined.

Low-Cost. Scalable. Clean.

Energy Fuels has the assets in place to significantly increase uranium production in response to the world’s growing demand for clean nuclear energy – which potentially equates to increasing uranium prices.

Uranium Mining


Energy Fuels’ production capacity is over 11.5 million lbs. of uranium per year, including the White Mesa Mill, the Nichols Ranch ISR Project, and the Alta Mesa ISR Project – and that’s just the beginning.


Uranium Mine Cleanup

Energy Fuels is focused on uranium production, but we also care about what is left behind. That’s why we are seeking to participate in EPA and other cleanups. We offer low-cost uranium and other environmental cleanup and recycling services.

Vanadium Investment

Vanadium is another reason to invest with Energy Fuels. Vanadium could be at the core of the modern clean energy industry – from strengthening steel, titanium and other alloys to its use in batteries used with wind and solar farms.

Mark Chalmers

CEO Spotlight

China’s strategy no surprise to uranium producers

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Energy Fuels Announces Q2-2019 Results

Lakewood, Colorado – August 2, 2019 Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU; TSX: EFR) (“Energy Fuels” or the “Company”) today reported its financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2019. The Company’s quarterly report on Form 10-Q has been filed with the U.S....

Energy Fuels Commends President Trump on his Decision to Reinvigorate the Nuclear Fuel Supply Chain and Looks Forward to Working with the Trump Administration to Support the U.S. Uranium Mining Industry; First Land Cleanup Contract Signed

Lakewood, Colorado – July 15, 2019 Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU; TSX: EFR) (“Energy Fuels” or the “Company”), the largest uranium producer in the U.S., is pleased to announce that our petition, filed jointly with Ur-Energy Inc. under Section 232 of the Trade...

Henry Mountains

Canyon Mine


EZ1, EZ2

Roca Honda

Sage Plain

Sheep Mountain



White Mesa Mill

Reno Creek

Alta Mesa ISR Mine & Plant

Safety, health and protection of the environment are of paramount importance to Energy Fuels

Our Uranium Mining Operations

Conventional Uranium Production


Energy Fuels is the only conventional uranium producer in America. We take great pride in owning and operating a mill and conventional mines that can produce up to 8 million pounds of uranium per year – and we have the capability to increase production at those operations faster – and on a greater scale  – than our peers as uranium prices rise in the coming years


Large-Scale Production Scalability


Our primary goal is to become the dominant producer of U.S. uranium in the world. We became the #1 uranium producer in the U.S. in 2017, we hold more production capacity than any other company in the U.S., and we have the largest NI 43-101 uranium resource base in the U.S. These assets provide Energy Fuels with the tools we need to accomplish our goal and become a major uranium producer on a global scale.



Uranium Mine Cleanup


Energy Fuels is more than a uranium production company. We are also seeking to participate in EPA cleanups of abandoned uranium mines and other sites that contain natural uranium. Energy Fuels offers a variety of uranium mine cleanup, environmental cleanup, and other cleanup and recycling services.


The Only Primary Vanadium Producer in North America


In 2018, Energy Fuels is going to become the only primary vanadium producer in North America. Vanadium is mainly in steel and high strength alloys, but it also might be the next big thing in the clean energy industry as a component in large-scale batteries that can be used to store electricity generated from wind and solar.



As the leading U.S. uranium miner and producer, Energy Fuels is proud to be at the forefront of one of the cleanest forms of readily-available energy on the market today.  Our seasoned management team has the knowledge and experience to bring responsible U.S. uranium production to the world and drive shareholder value.

Over the years, we’ve consolidated the best properties in the U.S. uranium mining space, becoming the leader in U.S. uranium production, thanks to thoughtful strategies designed to boost future production scalability, reduce production costs, and increase resource holdings.  However, we also take the environmental impact of uranium mining seriously, and we’re committed to minimizing harm through a commitment to high standards, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, recycling uranium alternate feeds, and efforts to participate in EPA led programs to clean up Cold War era uranium mines.

At Energy Fuels, we not only provide clean and affordable energy, we do so in an environmentally responsible manner.  We are good neighbors in the communities that support us, an accountable partner to investors in uranium stocks, and conscientious stewards of the planet.

Energy Fuels is the key supplier of U.S.-sourced uranium to major nuclear utilities worldwide, as well as the only uranium stock with both conventional and ISR uranium production in America. But we’re so much more. We produce vanadium, we recycle uranium alternate feeds, and we demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection every day. We’re a company that cares, and it shows in everything we do.

Energy Fuels is also one of the newest vanadium producers in the world, and the only publicly-traded vanadium stock in the United States. Vanadium is used in steel and high-strength alloys. But, it is also being deployed in battery technologies to store renewable energy. Energy Fuels has a growing role in our clean energy future.

High-Grade Uranium Production

Between the White Mesa Mill, the only operating conventional uranium mill in the U.S., and other ISR mining operations and projects across the country, Energy Fuels produces uranium from some of the highest-grade uranium deposits in the world.  Thanks to years of strategic planning and growth, our capabilities for scaling up U.S. production to meet demand on a global scale are unmatched, and we’re proud to offer high-quality uranium energy products to our customers.  We’re also pleased to be on the forefront of a new wave of green energy technology as the primary U.S. producer of vanadium.

High Standards for Operations

Our impressive production capabilities rely on strategic planning, established facilities with proven track records of performance, and a talented and experienced team dedicated to making Energy Fuels the leading uranium producer in the U.S.  Our uranium production scalability allows us to maintain the flexibility required to meet changing demands without sacrificing quality or standards.  We’re committed to sustainable development, and that includes operating in a safe and responsible manner for the benefit of our employees, the communities in which we operate, and the environment.

Environmental Stewardship

At Energy Fuels, our approach to environmental stewardship is three-fold.  First, our production philosophy revolves around doing less harm from the outset, which is why we take precautions to minimize any potential environmental impact throughout the course of production.  We meet or exceed all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations designed to protect the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

Second, we’re committed to environmental cleanup, which is why we are seeking to partner with the EPA on cleanup projects involving abandoned Cold War era uranium mines and related sites.

Finally, we’re proud to produce a fuel source that helps to reduce carbon and other harmful emissions, unlike other traditional energy sources that continue to contribute to global air pollution and climate change.  Uranium energy is a clean alternative to fossil fuels, and at Energy Fuels, we’re proud to provide the efficient and environmentally-conscious energy resources U.S. consumers expect and deserve.