Tenderfoot Mesa

Tenderfoot Mesa

Tenderfoot Mesa from Whirlwind

The Tenderfoot Mesa mining area, located just east of Gateway, Colorado in Mesa County, is comprised of 155 BLM mining claims; about 3100 acres.  This area has been actively mined over the years, with numerous old mines and rock piles evident.  Drillhole maps showing drilling by Energy Reserves Group in 1978-1980 indicate resources remaining near at least two of these mines.  The resources attached to the Torbyn and Sapphire Mine areas are the result of estimates performed by EFRC geologists, based on the Energy Reserves maps.

The area around the Torbyn Mine (known as the Peaches Mine when worked in the 1970’s) shows drill indicated resources of 17,400 lbs. U3O8 at a grade of 0.19% and 67,700 lbs. V2O5 at a grade of 0.73%.

The Sapphire Mine area shows drill indicated resources of 30,000 lbs. U3O8 at a grade of 0.195% (diluted) and 117,000 lbs. V2O5 at a grade of 0.76% (diluted).

Torbyn Mine (White Material
at Lower Center)

Past mining in the region produced from both top and middle sandstone layers of the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation. 

Holes for the 2007 drilling project have been staked and permit applications will be submitted when weather conditions allow access.  Drilling at the Torbyn will consist of about 20 holes to test for continuation of known ore in both sandstone horizons.  There will be about 11 holes drilled in the Sapphire Mine area to offset known mineralized holes in both horizons.  There will be at least 7 other exploration holes drilled in other areas of the claims from which ore was produced in the past.  A few holes will also be drilled between the Torbyn and the Sapphire Mines to check for continuity of the mineralized sandstone channels.

A prospecting permit for mine rehabilitation and small production is approved and the portal at the Torbyn Mine has been stabilized with new steel sets and timber to assure future access to underground workings.